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The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) was first formed on 29 January 1985 as Singapore National Shipping Association (SNSA). This was a result of an amalgamation of 5 different shipping associations with histories dating as far back as 1953. The primary objective of SSA is to promote and safeguard the interests of its members who are shipowners, ship operators, ship managers and ship agents whose businesses are conducted out from Singapore. These groups of members form the Ordinary membership of SSA.

Over the years, the SSA Constitution was amended to keep up with the fast changes in the shipping industry. The SSA membership has expanded, and it now includes bunker suppliers, bunker dealers, ship brokers, ship financiers, marine insurers and P & I Clubs, shipping lawyers etc amongst its Associate members

As at 12 October 2011, the SSA has a total membership of 415 members of which 248 are Ordinary members and 167 are Associate members.

Since its formation, the SSA has become a useful channel for members to contribute their views and suggestions, and to benefit from the many activities which have been organised for them. At the national level, and as a shipping industry organisation, SSA participates actively in governmental and non-­governmental committees.

With the frequent changes in regulatory and operating requirements for shipping, the SSA is actively engages in activities to serve and protect the interests of its members. The SSA has been able to influence domestic and international policies for the benefit of its members, and to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an international maritime centre

SSA's declared policy is to promote and develop Singapore into an international maritime centre, thus serving the needs and aspirations of the Singapore shipping community and contributing to the Singapore economy in the process.

Secretariat Address:

Singapore Shipping Association
59 Tras Street
Singapore 078998

Tel: (65) 6305 2260       
Fax: (65) 6222 5527

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