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The Thai Shipowners Association (TSA) was founded on 7 October 1975. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the interest of its members in shipping and related businesses.

The objectives of TSA are :

  1. To develop and promote marine transportation, both domestic and  international navigation as well as resolve any problems concerning benefits in marine transportation and navigation of Thai vessels;
  2. To advice and recommend to members on problems in marine transportation and navigation, as well as accommodate business operations for members;
  3. To coordinate and resolve any conflicts occurred among members, between members and government agencies, institutions, or other entities in marine transportation and navigation;
  4. To act as a representative for proposing to government agencies and other pertinent domestic and international institutions its members opinions, and   policies concerning marine transportation and Thai shipping lines;
  5. To cooperate with  members which are also members of shipping conferences, to ask shipping conferences to conduct in accordance with the United Nations international agreement on the conducts of shipping conference; 
  6. To put an end to conflicts of interests, if any, among members, having the Association committee selected an appropriate person to reconcile the conflicts.
As of 1 January 2011, TSA has a total membership of 114, consisting of 55 ordinary members (shipowners), 7 ordinary members (port and shipyard operators) and 52 associated members (related businesses). Members who are shipowners collectively own over 80 percent of Thai registered tourage. TSA is an active member of the Federation of ASEAN Shipowners Association (FASA) and the Asian Shipowners Forum (ASF).

Secretariat Address:

Thai Shipowners' Association
127 Ratchadapisek Road
Chongnonsee, Yanawa
Panjathani Tower, Rm 13A, 13th Floor 
Bangkok 10120

Tel: (662) 6811010
Fax: (662) 6811011

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