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Established in May 1997, Vietnam Shipowners’ Association ( VSA)’s  primary aim is to protect the interest of  its members
who are shipowners, ship operators, shipmanagers and shipping service companies in Vietnam and to promote the shipping activities in the whole country.

Today, VSA has become an association with 40 ordinary, 12 associate and 2 honorary members who are either state-owned, private, stock holding and joint venture companies.

Since its foundation, VSA has proved itself to be the useful and trusted channel for all of its members to exchange views, experience and co-operation for enhancing and developing shipping business in Vietnam. VSA assists its members to overcome the difficulties in expanding their business activities and in keeping markets stable. It also aims to act as mediator in dispute settlement between the members. Through the activities, VSA has been playing an important role in making proposals to and closely connecting the Vietnamese shipping community with various government agencies in terms of the implementation and improvement the policies and regulations to facilitate and promote Vietnamese Shipping Industry and protect the interests of its members.     

Being a national shipping association, VSA, on behalf of its member maintains close links with not only peer organizations in other countries but also with   international institutions such as International Maritime Organization, Federation of Asean Shipowners’Associations, Asian Shipowners’ Forum, etc.

VSA has become an ordinary member of FASA since June 1997. By actively participating in regional and international shipping consultations, VSA has been fully updated on the requirements set forth by the international shipping community with a view to keep its fleet operating safely and smoothly on international trades. In the mean time, VSA has effectively represented Vietnam’s stand on various maritime issues and clearly expressed what is to the best interest of the country‘s Shipowners.

Secretariat Address:

Vietnam Shipowners' Association
1 Dao Duy Anh Street, Dong da District
16th Floor, Ocean Park Building
Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (844) 35770825
Fax: (844) 35770850 
Website: NIL

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