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In November 1975, FASA was inaugurated with five founder members, namely the National Shipowners' association of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

After Vietnam became a member of ASEAN on 28 July 1995, the Vietnam Shipowners' Association (VSA) was admitted as an Ordinary member of FASA at its 22nd Annual General Meeting held at Chiang Rai in Thailand on 3 - 4 December 1996. 

At the 24th Executive Committee Meeting held on 2 July 2001, Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL) was admitted as its seventh Ordinary member.  There is currently no shipowner association in Myanmar.

At the 37th Annual General Meeting of FASA held in Jakarta on 9 December 2011, Belait Shipping Co. (B) Sdn Bhd, pending the formation of the Brunei Shipowners’ Association (BSA), of Brunei Darussalam was approved as the eighth Ordinary Member of FASA. Belait Shipping Co. (B) Sdn Bhd’s membership in FASA takes effect on 1 January 2012. Once the BSA has been formed and approved as a member, the membership of Belait Shipping Co. (B) Sdn Bhd in FASA shall cease.

The current members of FASA are:

  1. Belait Shipping Co. (B) Sdn Bhd
  2. Filipino Shipowners' Association (FSA)
  3. Indonesian National Shipowners' Association (INSA)
  4. Malaysia Shipowners’ Association  (MASA)
  5. Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL)
  6. Singapore Shipping Association (SSA)
  7. Thai Shipowners' Association (TSA)
  8. Vietnam Shipowners' Association (VSA)

FASA's Ordinary membership is open to any national shipowners' associations or organisations from any countries in ASEAN. The other members of ASEAN, namely Cambodia and Laos are eligible to join FASA as Ordinary members if they have organisations that represent significant shipping interests in their respective country.

Similar other associations or organisations in Asia and Australasia are eligible to apply to become Associate members.


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